Trucking Through the AIDS Belt

Creating a visual narrative for written word.


Create a visual narrative for a piece of text and define a new interpretation of the work.

The New Yorker


I chose to work with a text by Ted Conover, a journalist and non-fiction author, titled “Trucking Through the AIDS Belt.”

Published in The New Yorker in August 1993, this 17-thousand word piece is the author’s true account of a journey along the remote routes of eastern Africa with long-distance truck drivers.

“Affectionately revered as cowboys in convoy,” the long-distance drivers have also been identified as the “unwitting carriers of AIDS.”


To understand the content and plan the book spreads, I mapped out all the content to the location it took place, essentially creating the chapters of the book. I also began to see two different types of content: (1) describing trip events and (2) background research that takes place outside of the journey.


Sample Spreads

Final Book

Final Book
Final Book
Final Book
Final Book


Graduate Studio I., Prof. Dan Boyarski
Carnegie Mellon University


1 month
Completed December 2009

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