Visualizing a digital artifact.


Visualize the information space of an artifact (book, movie, website) and clearly explain the content, structure and navigation in an engaging way.



The artifact to visualize was a website for a German pianist and composer Volker Bertelmann, alias Hauschka.

Site Map

Site Map

To get familiar with the site and visualize its structure, I first created a color-coded post-it site map showing the interconnectedness of the individual pages.

Concert Timeline


To get a different perspective for the content I created a timeline, where I chronologically placed events such as album releases and concert dates, which I thought were the most important events for a musician’s career.

Concept Sketch

Inspired by one of Hauschka’s photos on the website, I made the timelines into branches with the information chunks hanging from them. The background would hold some sketches from the website and the waveform of some music pieces. After a peer critique, I incorporated the suggestion to have the concert timeline stem off of the main timeline, to strengthen the relationship of the two.

Concept Sketch

Final Poster


Graduate Studio I., Prof. Dan Boyarski
Carnegie Mellon University


1 month
Completed December 2009

Made With

Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator