Czech Me Out

A self-portait based on the LATCH organization system.


Create a self-portrait that would make use of at least two of R.S. Wurman’s five hat racks, also known as LATCH. Execute as a large-format poster or in a digital form, as a self-running movie.



The concept was developed by Richard Saul Wurman in his book Information Anxiety [1989]. Also known as latch, the concept organizes information in five ways:

Location: spatial references
Alphabet: alphabetical sequence
Time: chronological sequence
Category: relatedness, similarity
Hierarchy: importance


Since the educational institutions I have attended and the foreign languages I have studied very much define who I am today, I decided to make a poster that would be my educational resume in a form of a timeline. The two primary hat racks I worked with were time and category.

Gathering Data

After deciding on the general format of my self-portrait, I started calculating the amount of hours per week for each language so that I could visualize the amount of hours spent in each langauge over time.

Macro Perspective

The macro prespective shows the overall shift from Czech to English over time as well as the variety of language studied:

Micro Perspective

The micro prespective reveals the more personal content that I associate with the particular time period in each language:

Final Poster


Graduate Studio I., Prof. Dan Boyarski
Carnegie Mellon University


1 month
Completed September 2009

Made With

Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator