Color + Type

Color + Type study based on a photo taken in the Phipps Conservatory.


Create a color + type study that is both inspired by and informs the viewing of a photo by using one of the seven strategies of color.

Color Strategy: Extension

Contrast of extension involves the relative areas of two or more colors. It is a contrast of amounts, much and little. To create harmony within these contrasts it's important to see proportion in color amounts, in balance, as one color should not be used with more prominence than another. This balance is achieved through the eye and not mathematically.

Two factors determine the strength of a pure color: its brilliance and its extent (amount and area). If the proportions are not harmonic, allowing one color to dominate, then the effect obtained is more active. The outcome of these proportions depends on subject matter, taste or the message being communicated to a given audience. Proportions of the color areas must respond to their color environment to assert themselves.

Source: Pragmatics of Color, Prof. Kristin Hughes

Plant Study

Plant Color + Type Study
Plant Color + Type Study


Pragmatics of Color, Prof. Kristin Hughes
Carnegie Mellon University


1 week
Fall 2010

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